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Every employee at ITC is charged with being a guardian of our Corporate Value System. These values guide both our business and personal relationships, and we take them very seriously. We believe that our dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty, integrity and fair business dealings will enable us to continue our long legacy of success.

We always do business with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.
We DELIVER what we promise in our business and personal relationships.
We always demonstrate COMMITMENT and DILIGENCE in our efforts.
We are always FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and have RESPECT for others.
We display TEAMWORK. Team members use terms like "we" not "I". "It's not my job" is not in our vocabulary.
We are FAIR and EVEN-HANDED in our dealings with others.
We have a sense of URGENCY on matters related to the customer.
We "OWN" problems and are always RESPONSIVE.
We are CUSTOMER DRIVEN. We are "easy to do business with".