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Campbell B. Lanier

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ITC Holding Co.

Based primarily in the Southeastern United States, our portfolio companies represent a broad range of services and industries, with a focus on technology, restaurant services, web-based products, and recurring revenue.

Under the umbrella companies of ITC Holding Company, ITC Capital Partners, and ITC Partners Fund, the portfolio companies enjoy the benefits of strong leadership, effective board oversight, and funding from limited partners with long-term ITC relationships.


Timothy B. Knight

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

More than 35 years experience in corporate finance and accounting, including operation of public companies, initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. In his early career, spent 10 years in international finance and accounting with both Siemens and Schlumberger. For the past 20 years served in various capacities within the ITC family of companies, including Vice President, Controller of Powertel, Controller of InterCall, Chief Financial Officer of ITC Financial Services, Magnolia Holding Company, ITC Capital Partners, and ITC Partners Fund. Tim is a retired officer from the United States Army (Reserve).


Greg Turnbull

Chief Financial Officer of Lanier Family Office

Greg serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Lanier Family Office. In addition, he is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Talon Aerolytics, Inc. a data capture and analysis company. Previously, he was Chief Financial Officer of Intercall (telecommunications), and Corporate Controller for Paging Networks (PageNet) (telecommunications). Greg began his financial career with General Electric, completed their Financial Management Program (FMP) and held various positions covering eight years. Greg sits on the board for Gamelink Holdings LLC and Studentbridge LLC. He is also General Partner for WAVE Investments (QP) LP. He currently holds licenses as a Certified Public Accountant (Georgia) and a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner (CFP®).